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How do I know if I'm having alternator problems?

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For your vehicle to be able to come roaring to life and then continue to cruise down the road uninterrupted, you need your alternator to be in healthy shape. Not only is a healthy alternator needed to get your vehicle started, it's also necessary for your electrical accessories to be able to work as they should. Here's a look at five of the signs that are indicative of an alternator problem.

Indicator Lights

Often times, vehicles will have a set of lights on the dashboard that will make you aware of arising problems. If an issue with your alternator is detected, then you might see the letters ALT or GEN illuminate on your dash. This is commonly the very first sign that there is trouble with the alternator.

Dead Battery

While a battery can certainly die for other reasons, if yours is a newish one and dies, then you have good reason to be suspicious of your alternator--unless of course you forgot to turn off your headlights.

Electrical Accessory Failure

There are a number of commonly found accessories that rely on the alternator for their ability to function properly. If you are noticing problems with your power windows, radio, or other electrical accessories, then you could have an alternator problem.

Dim or Flickering Headlights

Your alternator is of great importance to the functionality of your headlights. If your lights are fading or flickering, then you've got a relatively common indication of an alternator problem on your hands.

Stalling Out

For your pistons to continue pumping without problems, your vehicle needs to be running on a healthy alternator.

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