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Common Signs of a Coolant Leak

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The cooling system in your vehicle helps to regulate the temperature your engine operates at to ensure that it doesn't overheat. Overheating can cause major internal engine damage requiring expensive repairs. One of the first signs of a cooling system leak will likely be the temperature gauge in your vehicle's dash rising to the red zone. If this happens or some other symptom occurs to make you suspect a cooling system leak bring your vehicle to a mechanic right away. You will also want to bring your car to the local mechanic if you discover any of the following issues.

Puddle of Coolant Fluid in the Driveway

The most obvious sign of coolant system issues is if you find a puddle of green fluid in the driveway. This means you have just discovered a serious coolant leak in your vehicle. Call your mechanic and describe the problem to see if they recommend having your vehicle towed or if it is ok to drive to the auto repair shop.

Radiator Rust or Discoloration

Discoloration or rust spots around the radiator or surrounding engine parts may have been caused by a spewing radiator leak. If the fluid comes out of the system and lands on a hot part of the engine it will burn off and leave behind a discolored spots that will soon begin to rust.

Low Coolant Fluid Level

When the engine is cold check the level of coolant every so often to ensure it is filled to the proper spot. If it is low you will want to bring your vehicle to the mechanic so they can diagnose how coolant is escaping. This preventative maintenance will reduce the chances of your car overheating.

If you have already experienced overheating issues, noticed white steam coming from under your hood or if you have noticed a coolant leak you should immediately seek the help of a mechanic to have the issue resolved in order to prevent major engine damage. Radiator repair is not too expensive and often times all that needs replacement is a cheap rubber hose or clamp. For expert radiator repair in Chico visit Boradori Automotive. The professional mechanics at our Chico auto shop can diagnose and repair any cooling system issue, along with transmission and engine problems, brakes and many other vehicle issues. Call Boradori Automotive today for professional auto repair in Chico and the surrounding area. Be sure to check out our special offers before coming in for your auto repair appointment!

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