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5 Tips on How to Figure Out which Type of Automotive Fluid is Leaking

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It's a good idea to periodically take a look at the ground that sits below where you typically park. Fluid leaks are fairly common, and while they are often relatively minor problems, they can also be an indication of a more serious issue. For many drivers, oil leaks are easy to identify, but other types of fluid can be more challenging to tell apart. When you notice a leak, it's important that you're able to quickly figure out which kind of fluid it is so that you can tell your mechanic. Here's a look at five tips on how to tell apart different types of automotive leaks.

Brake Fluid

Often light brown in hue, it tends to puddle next to a tire or beneath the master brake cylinder. This is an issue that should be fixed right away. Because of safety concerns, all brake problems should be regarded very seriously. If you think your vehicle may have a brake fluid leak, it's best to get to the shop as soon as you can to have it checked out.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid tends to be brownish or reddish in its color. If you suspect that you have such a leak, it is best that you get to the mechanic quickly to save yourself from potentially very expensive repairs and to help ensure that your vehicle is able to continue shifting smoothly.

Differential Fluid

While this can have a similar appearance to transmission fluid, it's possible to tell them apart by noting where the leak is accumulating. If the puddling is occurring around the rear end of your car, then it could very well be differential fluid.

Coolant Leak

This fluid that goes into your radiator is typically bright green, but may it also appear as yellow or pink. Coolant serves an important role. It works to help keep your car from overheating, which can lead to serious issues.

Oil Leak

This is one that is a bit more familiar to most folks. It tends to be black or brown in color, and you'll often notice that glistening rainbow sheen. Oil leaks can arise from multiple locations, including seals and gaskets. If it seems that your car has an oil leak, it's a good idea to let your mechanic know about it as soon as you get the chance.

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