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We've taken all our vehicles to Boradori for years. They are honest, helpful, and informative. They have kept are older cars going and going.


My college student daughter is driving a 2003 Cadillac CTS that had an engine oil leak and the dreaded "Check Engine" light lit. The Cadillac Stealership charged me $360 (even though I only authorized $180) to tell me the car needed $3000 in repairs before even considering putting it through a smog test. I took the estimate to Boradori and they not only beat the dealership by over $1000, but also identified a misdiagnosis from the Cadillac dealership that would have cost me $300 in wasted repairs that would not have fixed the problem. They also managed to throw in a set of spark plugs and an emissions test for that price.The car runs great. Thank you Boradori.I trust Jack & his son Jeff completely to work on any of my cars and highly recommend them to family and friends.


I'm shocked to read these bad reviews... I brought my car to Boradori to "test drive" them. Had a power window that was dead. They did minimal diagnostics to figure out it was a switch; never had to open up the door. Mercedes charges over $180 for the part. They promptly found me another part for around $50. To the person who complained about the $89 to open the hood, anyone in town is going to charge an hour minimum.So I came in for a BIG repair... broken subframe. Oye. Talk about worried about being ripped off! I did my research and learned that on my car (this is a problem with my model) it's a 12-16 hour job. Plus the part itself is expensive. Karen and Jack explored every avenue for repairing my car. They were never put out or annoyed when I found parts or found info on web sites. They took the time to do the job correctly, and didn't overcharge me for labor... in fact the price was extremely fair.I was having a coronary of the cost of this thing, and with every step Karen called me with news. They showed me every part, thoroughly explained every step of what they did, and kept telling me if anything went wrong or if I had any questions to please just call or stop by.They always gave me the option of a new OEM part or a rebuilt or used part. Again, they investigated every way to do this thing. I have been on Benzworld several times to see what others are paying for this repair. My deal was fair. Yes, they found some other broken things while they were in there, but I saw those parts and they were DUST. This is a 30 year old car, so I wasn't surprised. I hear that others have had troubles, but I'm here to say I had a great experience and will be back with bells on. Oh, and they warranty the repair for a year.For other people who feel like I do, go to this link: customerlobby.com/review… You'll see the nay sayers are in the minority. :)


These guys were super helpful while I was going through the unfortunate process of replacing my transmission. My car broke down in Chico and I had to return to work in the Bay Area. As a result my boyfriend had to deal with most of the face to face at the shop. They were friendly and honest. This was the first time I have ever had the final cost be less than what the original estimate was. They even replaced my headlight for free.

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