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When is it time for a tune-up?

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While it might be difficult for some to see the value in getting to the shop for work on their vehicle if there aren't apparent signs of an issue, periodic maintenance can help to prevent a major problem from arising in the first place. By investing a little now, you could potentially save yourself from costly repairs later. Regular tune-ups will help to ensure that your vehicle performs at a high level for as long as possible.

If you're driving a brand new car, you might not need to get in for a tune-up for some time. But if your vehicle's mileage has crossed that 100,000 mile threshold, the general rule is that you get in for a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles that follow. Regardless of mileage, there are some signs that could mean it's time for you to get to the shop for a tune up quickly. Here are five of those signs:

Stalling Out

A potential cause of stalling is that you have faltering spark plugs, which is the kind of thing that can be easily taken care of during a tune-up. If your vehicle has been stalling out, it could be helpful to take note of the specific circumstances under which it is occurring and then tell your mechanic about it.

Decreasing Fuel-Efficiency

Spark plugs could also be the problem here. While gas prices have come down, you still want to save every cent you can at the pump.


There are a few possibilities to take into consideration with this issue. One potential culprit is a failing U-joint. It could also be the case that vibration is occurring because you are overdue for tire rotation.

Difficulty Starting Up

There are a handful of reasons that this could be occurring. One possibility is that you need an ignition adjustment.

Mileage Points

Once your odometer surpasses 100,000, it's important to start getting in at those regular intervals.

If you're in need of a tune-up or other auto maintenance, be sure to visit a reputable shop. For auto maintenance in Chico, CA the experts to contact are at Boradori Automotive. Go ahead and give Boradori Automotive a call today!

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