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My Car Battery Keeps Dying, What is the Problem?

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Car batteries are meant to have a long life, unlike the double As in your TV remote which may only last a few months. A vehicle battery that continues to die can be a major inconvenience as the battery is what provides your vehicle with the initial electrical charge necessary to start the vehicle. The battery also powers all the accessories when the vehicle is not running, giving you lights, music and other infotainment. If you experience regular battery trouble it is likely caused by one of the following issues.

Dirty Terminals

Intermittent battery trouble is usually caused by dirt or corrosion on the battery terminals. This is an easy fix. Simply disconnect the battery and use a wire brush to clean the terminals of any debris and contaminants then reconnect the battery ensuring a snug connection on both the negative and positive terminals.

Automatic Detection Problems

Newer vehicles have systems that will keep electricity flowing to accessories such as power windows and locks and interior lights once the car is shut off and only halt the power once the driver's door has been opened. This has become an issue for some vehicles that fail to detect the opening and closing of the door and allow the electricity to flow continuously as the car is parked. This quickly drains the battery, meaning you'll need a jumpstart to get going the next time you're hitting the road.

Stuck Relays

Vehicles are full of electrical relays that control the flow of electricity to certain parts, such as the fuel pump. If a relay gets struck in the on position it the electrical flow will run even when the car is off, taking the power from the battery instead of the electricity generated by the alternator. As your vehicle sits idle with a stuck relay the battery will die because the part will continue to operate, even when the vehicle is off.

Driver Error

But what kills batteries the most? People leaving their lights on, doors open, trunks popped and listening to their radios too long with the car not running. The lights and the radio both eat up electricity and when doors are left open both interior lights and dashboard alert lights will be illuminated which cause a battery drain as well.

If your battery keeps dying it can be more than just an inconvenience because your car won't start, it can mean there are parts malfunctioning besides the battery. The sooner you have the issue checked out the better chance of finding the problem before bigger issues arise. For a car battery check in Chico contact Boradori Automotive. As a NAPA AutoCare Center you can trust our certified technicians to quickly diagnose the issue and get it fixed! We conduct all sorts of auto repair and maintenance at our full service shop and offer a nationwide warranty! Call Boradori today to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Chico!

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