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Looking for a mechanic in Chico, CA? Visit a AAA-Approved Auto Shop!

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Whether you need factory-scheduled maintenance or a complex engine rebuild, you can feel confident about the repairs if you choose a shop that is AAA-approved and staffed by ASE-certified mechanics. This is a reassurance that the work will be done efficiently by experienced experts, and all at a reasonable rate. Here's a look at five services provided by the best auto shop in Chico, CA.

Brake Repair

At the first sign of squealing, it's best to get to the shop to have your brakes serviced so that you don't find yourself with repairs that are more extensive and expensive. More serious symptoms of brake trouble include grinding, as well as veering when applying pressure to the pedal. Your brakes are one system with which you don't want to take any chances!

Diesel Repair in Chico

For your company's big rigs that run on diesel engines, you want to be sure that you're entrusting the work to mechanics who specialize in this type of repair.

Transmission Repair

Signs of transmission trouble include stalling out, leaking of transmission fluid, and suddenly popping out of gear. When it comes to transmissions, it's especially important that you get to the shop at the first sign of problem so that you hopefully avoid disaster.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

It's important to remember that for 30/60/90k maintenance, you don't have to take your car to the dealership, but can instead bring it to the shop of your choice. This service will maintain the validity of your vehicle's warranty.

Custom Exhaust in Chico, CA

If you're looking for a truly unique exhaust to give your ride that special flare, you'll want to visit a shop that has a passion for customization and uses a reputable industry name such as Vogue Performance Exhaust.

If you're in need of auto repair or custom exhaust, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For ,auto repair and auto maintenance in Chico and Orland, CA, the experts to contact are at Boradori Automotive. Go ahead and give Boradori Automotive a call today to request an estimate!

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