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5 Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

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At the first sign of transmission trouble, you'll want to visit a reputable auto shop as soon as possible so that you hopefully avoid more expensive repairs. Transmissions live in a world of high stress and extreme heat. These factors mean that there is a very good chance that, at some point, your vehicle is going to need transmission repair. Here's a look at five signs of transmission trouble.

Popping Out of Gear

If you're just cruising right along, and then for seemingly no good reason your vehicle pops out of gear, then you're dealing with a classic sign of a transmission issue. This means you're no longer in complete control of your car, so it's important to get it addressed right away so that you're not putting anyone's safety at risk.

Jerks when Shifting

A car that jerks when you shift is showing a sign that it could be operating with transmission parts that are worn-out.

Burning Transmission Fluid

A sign that your transmission isn't working properly is that its fluid has changed to a darker color and smells burnt.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

It's prudent to occasionally look at the ground below where you often park to check for fluid leaks. If you find fluid that has a reddish hue, then you have reason to be concerned about a transmission fluid leak.


If your vehicle has a manual transmission and you can hear/feel grinding in it, then there's a fair chance you've got a clutch that is wearing out.

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