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4 Signs of Failing Suspension

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Your vehicle is composed of a number of features that increase the safety and comfortability of your vehicle's ride. The suspension is one of them and it plays an important role in both of these categories and the overall driveability of your vehicle. Not only does the suspension help absorb every crack and bump in the road creating a soft ride it also helps to prevent your vehicle from rolling over during cornering. If you experience any of these issues surrounding failing suspension be sure have it repaired in order to maintain a safe ride.

Rolling Feeling

If your get the sensation that your car is going to roll over during cornering there is likely some wear in the suspension or a fault with the anti-sway bar. Aside from rolling you may feel as if the vehicle is going to spin out or just not make the corner. This feeling will happen if the suspension system is unable to shift the vehicle's center of balance during corning.

Oily Struts

Inside your vehicle's shocks is a special liquid that resembles oil. If this fluid appears on the outside of the shocks it means that they are leaking, which is going to prevent them from providing you with the comfortable ride you desire. Leaky shocks will generally be accompanied by a bouncy ride.

One Corner of the Car Seems Lower

Does one corner of your car seem lower than the rest, but all the tires are inflated? This is a good sign that the suspension in one corner of your vehicle is, shall we say, tired. This issue can allow for control issues for your vehicle, causing the car to drift, which will also cause your tires to wear unevenly.


If you believe that you're experiencing suspension issues you can perform a quick test that will help you answer that question. Push on the vehicle's hood or trunk several times to get the vehicle to bounce up and down. Once you stop pushing the car should return to its regular ride height within two to three bounces. If it continues to bounce up and down much more than that you can be sure that there is some sort of suspension failure.

Suspension problems should be taken care of as soon as they are noticed in order to maintain not only a comfortable ride but a safe one. Bad suspension will cause your car to be more difficult to control, even on smooth roads. For complete suspension repair in Chico bring your car, truck or SUV to Boradori Automotive. We will restore the driveability and comfort of your vehicle's ride by installing new shocks, struts and other suspension components that may have bit the dust. We are a full service auto repair shop that is here to serve you and your car! Call us anytime you need quality auto repair in Chico.

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