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3 Services that Keep Your Vehicle Safe

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Owning a vehicle is a great convenience for many people, but being out on the road has it's dangers. In order to do your part to keep your car safe you should be aware of issues that could be potentially dangerous to you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Many systems in our cars are designed to help improve the safe driving experience, but it is up to you as the driver the ensure these systems are properly maintained so you can have full control over your vehicle.

Power Steering System Flushs

New vehicles utilize a power steering system that makes turning on a dime a breeze. But it requires regular maintenance in order to operate properly. The power steering system uses hydraulic force to make it easy to corner. This fluid can disintegrate over many miles due to rapid changes in temperature. Power steering fluid flushes are necessary at certain mileage intervals to keep the system working well. Bad fluid can damage many components of the steering system. Ask your local auto repair shop how often you need a power steering fluid flush.

Suspension Service

The suspension does more than just provide a comfortable ride over bumpy roads. It prevents your vehicle from rolling over or spinning out while cornering and ensures all four wheels stay on the ground for better braking. If you experience a rolling sensation, an excessively bouncy ride, or notice your shocks are oily you will want to bring your car to the repair shop to ensure a safe, and yes, comfortable ride.

Brake Repair

The most important safety system on your car is the brake system. If your brakes are worn out your braking ability is greatly hindered, putting you at risk for not being able to stop in time to prevent an accident. If you experience a pulling sensation as you brake, a soft brake pedal or notice a grinding noise when you hit the brake pedal you should make an appointment with your auto repair shop right away to have the issue resolved.

Your car is good at giving you warning signs that it is time for repair, but it is up to you to have them completed. If you need auto repair in Chico bring your vehicle to Boradori Automotive. We can service any system at our full service Chico auto repair shop, including these safety systems, engines, transmissions and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment for quality auto maintenance in Chico!

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