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3 Great Benefits of Keeping Up on Oil Changes

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These days, some folks believe that for new model cars you can go 5,000 miles between oil changes. On the other hand, many car care professionals would tell you of the importance of sticking with that 3,000 mile number. Regardless, it's best to play it safe because you don't want to be messing around with gunky oil or low oil levels. While it can be a good idea to refer to your manufacturer's specifications, if there's any doubt about whether it's time to get in for fresh oil, it's a good idea to err on the side of caution.

It's easy for us to forget about just how much stress we put our cars through on a day-to-day basis. Even if you're not making cross-country voyages, those miles around town add up just the same. And oil is the lifeblood that keeps your engine running smoothly. While it can be easy to put off getting in for an oil change, it really is one of the most convenient and affordable measures you can take to help protect your car. There are a number of benefits to keeping up on oil changes. Here are three:

Preventative Maintenance

It's not often that you are presented with the opportunity to have an automotive professional take a look at the underside of your car. By going to an actual auto shop for an oil change, you'll get the chance to have a pair of expert eyes on your vehicle, which could result in the spotting of problems that can be addressed prior to becoming a full-blown, expensive nightmare. And when you come in for an oil change at an auto shop, you can also take advantage of the situation by approaching the service tech about any other automotive concerns you may have.

Engine Performance

Oil is what keeps your engine parts lubricated and moving effectively. Without it, you'd grind to a halt. In addition to that, oil works to redistribute heat from your combustion chamber, which essentially helps to keep your engine from blowing up. And if you don't go ahead and get your oil changed regularly, you risk your oil becoming gunky, thus reducing your engine's overall performance.

Resale Value

By keeping a record of your oil changes and maintenance, you can show a prospective buyer how responsible an owner you've been. In today's online marketplace, it can be difficult for buyers to trust a seller, and this is one way to build that trust.

If you're in need of an oil change or any other auto maintenance, be sure you visit a reputable shop. For an expert oil change in Chico, the trusted auto shop to contact is Boradori Automotive. Go ahead and give Boradori Automotive a call today!

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