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I Need New Shocks or Struts? Here are five signs that say yes!

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A healthy suspension does more than just provide you with a smooth ride. It's actually a significant component of maintaining your safety on the road. When you're driving with worn out shocks and struts, it can take you up to 20% longer to come to a stop after you've started braking. A fully-functioning suspension will also help you to safely navigate sharp corners. Here's a look at five signs that suggest it's time for new shocks or struts.

Feeling Bumps

If it feels as though you're driving on uneven ground when the road appears to be smooth, then there's reason to believe you've got an issue with shocks or struts.

Doesn't Pass the Bounce Test

There's a quick test that you can perform to help determine if your shocks/struts are worn out. While your car is parked in a safe place, use all of your weight to press down on the front of your vehicle, then rock it a couple of times, before releasing. Then go to the back end of the vehicle and do the same thing. After you release, if the car rocks more than two to three times, then you may well need new shocks/struts.

Leaking/Visible Damage

If you see oil on your shocks, then you've got yourself a red flag. Leakage means that it's time to see a mechanic.

Uneven Tire Wear

If your suspension is bad, then your tires are prone to wearing out unevenly, which can lead to bald spots.


When you get the sensation that your car is drifting or swaying around corners, this could be because of a bad suspension.

If you're in need of shocks and struts, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For suspension repair in Chico, the experts to contact are at Boradori Automotive. Go ahead and give Boradori Automotive a call today!

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